We culminated Gianna’s birthday week with a “Pi” party. This was Jeff’s idea. He insisted that her birthday on 3.14.15 happening only once and it being the first digits of Pi, we must have a Pi-themed party. The man never ever dictates party themes, so I gladly followed his lead.  It was a small party with only us four, he grandparents and honorary family member Carlos. 

Everyone brought “pi”.

Grandma Jan made “2” Pi hats for all, GiGi’s in pink and others in grey. So clever and cute!


It was a beautiful day and she enjoyed it thoroughly. 

On this day two years ago, we finally had our baby girl!

Minutes from being born and already so loved. 

Bonding in the hospital room. Medications wearing off, but blissfully enjoying my new baby. 

Three weeks old and already the first of many “photo shoots” by her adoring mommy. 

The day she turned 1 year old. Such fun and sweetness. 

Her current state of cuteness on the night before her birthday. 

Taken on her very last day as a one-year-old!

March 14 is also Albert Einstein’s birthday! Since we already had her party with cake, we are celebrating at home with grandparents…and 3.14 (I mean, Pi… pie).

We celebrated Gianna’s 2nd birthday  (a week early). Our little doll enjoyed her Raggedy Ann musical celebration at our Music Together studio. GiGi has now been enrolled for an entire year! We kept it small (6 little guests). The children sampled a simplified version of our music class with our fantastic teacher that we just love. We included some of her favorite songs and props

I’m awaiting photos taken by the family photographers (the grandparents!), but I’m posting here a few that I took. 

The invitation:

My big baby Enrique joined us for part of the sing-along. I wish I had kept him with us for the duration. He is such a musical child.

 I didn’t capture all the action and fun, but I was actually enjoying it all!  I may add more photos later on, in a new post. 

Earlier tonight:  Gianna is holding two coloring pencils and says “x”.  Of course I had to snap a picture, while confirming that indeed, it does look like the letter x when you hold the pencils that way! Such a genius. 

I haven’t written much lately, except for brief captions, so in today’s photos I’ll share more about GiGi’s latest interests and favorite things. 

The dress up-stage has begun. 

Gianna has spotted every tutu, dress and skirt in her closet that has any sequins, tulle or chiffon and insisted in wearing them again and again. Then she asks for hats… sunglasses…necklaces….gloves… or a tiara. She’s had all these things within reach all this time, but until now she has let me choose what and when she’d wear. Now every day is a chance to experiment with fashion. 

 It occurred to me to play a video of The Nutcracker Ballet and see what happened. Sure enough, she loved it and was imitating their moves and trying oh-so-hard to keep up. She grabbed me to lift her up when a scene demanded it. She had much fun and learned to say “ballet dancing”. 

She loves picking the wildflowers in our lawn and is interested in blowing the  many dandelions in our yard.  Daddy and I demonstrate, and she tries with such vigor! Still, no real blowing of air- more like a “Pffff!”

I’m so glad we “seized the days” of recent warm weather. Two playground visits, plus more outdoor time. Now we’ve been indoors 48 hours and if I can help it, won’t leave the house for a few more days.  

GiGi’s playground behavior is interesting. At our home and yard she’s Miss Intrepid, climbing on furniture, etc and basically  fearless, unstoppable. Out there in the real world, she’s quite cautious and looks to me for the “ok” to try things. Even with my encouragement, she’s tentative. Part of it might be the many wild, bigger kids carelessly zooming by her. She stays away from all, preferring to play it safe and not be trampled. Better safe! I hope she makes friends in the future, and intend to make an effort (a calculated one, with kids closer to her age and few on number)!

Recent warm days:

First  time down the slide!  Wasn’t keen on trying again. 

We gave Gianna art-supplies Valentine’s basket (instead of candy).

She’s been enjoying stamping markers, rubber stamps, and coloring pencils,  plus her already favorite Play-doh and finger paints. These next few days will see even more use of these. 

We are enjoying and cherishing the last weeks with a 1-year old. I hope everyone is staying warm on this last week of February!

Hope you had a sweet one!



This is my humble attempt at a Valentine’s photo session. I hope one day GiGi looks at these images and appreciates all the love and enthusiasm that went into capturing her early childhood. It’s all happening so fast!







We had a few warm days last week. Here are photos from two fun outings.

The library- in which GiGi, unaccustomed to library story times, looks around at all the perfectly seated and quiet kiddies, and decides to make a run for the fun area and read there instead.


Our neighborhood is home to a beautiful 293-acre park. GiGi enjoyed the views and nature on our hike, sitting high in the backpack. She also loved the creek.






Happy New Year!
Here are but a few of my favorite snapshots of this lightning-fast first month of the year.

Cardboard house fun. Loves to hide in there with her dolls and stuffed animals.




Test-driving the latest model “smart car”


Cookie shop with Grandma on a rainy day.


We are lucky: she enjoys, then easily parts with playthings at the shops.



She’s loving the backyard these days, helping Daddy with her perfectly-sized shovel.



Testing the new French drain.


Lots of wagon rides in the garden lately.


Finger painting


22 months old! Can you believe it?!



Excitedly running to greet a surprise visitor…




A wonderful day…









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